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Slperuzzini 14 days ago

The Gardener's Grilled Cheese

The sandwich is a very good portion to even share, plus it comes with a delicious side salad with mixed greens. There are multiple cheeses in this sandwich which melt together perfectly!

Alinn2 17 days ago

Tiramisu French Toast

The atmosphere, food, and drinks were all great! This was our first time visiting east aurora and we were drawn to this coffee shop with its comfortable and friendly ambiance. We were definitely not disappointed.

Christina 24 days ago

Soup of the Day

The roasted red pepper and gouda soup is phenomenal. So much flavor and pairs with almost any sandwich. My sisters and I always order this when its the soup of the day! The table smores are an awesome little feature that allows for a cute date or thing to do with the kids. We love it! This is the place I get gift cards for many friends, family, and teachers! Never disappoints.

Bethhintz8 about 1 month ago

The Main Street Caesar

I absolutely love the Main Street Caeser and coffee, I very rarely order anything but these two items when I stop in! Best cafe in East Aurora!

Liz about 1 month ago

The Wedgie

I love that this is vegetarian! The wedgie mix is unique and spices up the traditional take on quesadillas which is just cheese. I ordered online and pick was super easy! 10/10 would recommend.

Briannajayne1010 about 1 month ago

Smores Bar

Honestly so cute the whole set up is cute and it's a fun thing to do with a group of friends

Kschubert311 about 2 months ago


The staff at Taste are always welcoming, friendly, and helpful. I love the coffee here and always look forward to tasting the different flavored coffee you have!

Info 2 months ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

Mandala School staff ordered three different sandwiches and liked them all. We were especially pleased that the take-out boxes were recyclable cardboard not plastic. Nice going!

Artdirectorc 2 months ago

Bandito Burrito

It's literally the perfectly wrapped burrito! You really can tell they take their time in creating great prepared food to "TASTE!"

Nicoletteamoroso 3 months ago

The Main Street Caesar

I Love this cafe. I work in Niagara Falls and live in Grand Island, i always make an effort to come up to East Aurora monthly ive never enjoyed a wrap so much and the quality is there everytime!!

Jennifer 4 months ago

E.T. Mocha

Absolutely amazing!! My favorite drink iced or frozen either way it's every chocolate lover's drink of choice!!

Bookoo 4 months ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

Best chicken salad ever!! I will definitely order this again. Cranberries and walnuts are wonderful. Cookies are pretty amazing also🤗

Fleigler 4 months ago

Chai Tea

Love the Chai tea!! I get it cold in the summer and hot in the winter! Love that you have several great tasting vegetarian items on your menu. The Cali Dreamer is a very fresh wrap with just the right kick of heat. The gardener's grill is a stepped up adult grilled cheese that doesn't disappoint. Don't forget to end with dessert, the oatmeal monster cookie is fantastic.

Kiarabutler012 4 months ago

The Cali Dreamer

Began-friendly! It's the perfect mix of veggies, hummus, and spice - my favorite go-to menu item!!

Monica 4 months ago

Cafe Au Lait

Best part of waking up....their coffee! Love the vegan options too. Great, convenient place to grab a quick cup of coffee or a place to meet friends for brunch. Funky little gem in east aurora!

Karen 4 months ago

Smores Bar

Name me a more perfect, cozy dessert to share with your family than the Smores Bar at Taste. Can't do it, can ya? While you may think s'mores are reserved for a summer evening around the fire, Taste makes our favorite treat available year-round and we couldn't be happier. Their presentation sends the share-ability of this dessert through the roof and the ooey-gooeyness of the marshmallow puts an instant smile on your face. Our kids giggled with delight at being able to reunite with their favorite summertime treat while sitting inside on a cozy winter afternoon. We'd give you a standing ovation but our hands are a little sticky ;-)

Brandonmurray03 5 months ago

E.T. Mocha

I've been coming to taste for several years. One of the reasons I continue to be a loyal customer is because of this drink. Order it cold or hot and it's delicious and satisfying!

Nkelly1754 5 months ago

The Main Street Caesar

There are some Caesar salad dishes that are vapid and bland, this one excites and is a taste bud sensation! This one bring you back for more!

Evafisher13 5 months ago


This is my favorite drink! Taste is a great local coffee shop and east Aurora is lucky to have it.

Deanna 5 months ago

Soup of the Day

Roasted Red Pepper Soup is the best

Tsayoc 16 days ago

Tiramisu French Toast

Taste has absolutely amazing food and drinks, but my favorite by far is the Tiramisu French Toast! With the Tiramisu syrup and whipped cream with chocolate chips, this is my favorite breakfast treat at any restaurant ever!

Runmom33 21 days ago

The Vidler on the Roof

The food was very fresh and tasty.

Ldmckellar 28 days ago


So very favorite!

Marydmcgrath about 1 month ago

The Hubbard-In-The Cupboard

This chicken salad is THE BEST! The chunks of chicken, cranberries, walnuts, cheese and dressing blend together for a taste sensation!

Nyahwiniewicz about 1 month ago

Caramel Apple Pie

The caramel apple pie at Taste is absolutely incredible and I 100% recommend. I've found myself craving this for no reason and will go get it simply because it's amazing— the topping is probably one of the best things i've ever put in my mouth. If you like apple pie, you'll like this 10 times more.

Kfisher about 2 months ago


Taste has the best Tiramisu! A perfect treat with a cup of coffee!

Matuszb01 2 months ago

The M-O-O-O-G

Great sandwich it's filling with great flavors

Christine 2 months ago

West Coast Toast

Amazingly light yet fulfilling. Such an awesome mix of textures and tastes. Love the egg and avocado together. Definitely will come again for this!

M 3 months ago

Asian Sesame Salad

Absolutely loved the Asian Sesame Salad with chicken. The mixed greens were very fresh and dressing on the side was perfect. I especially loved the crunchy won tons and and almonds. The mandarin oranges are a nice touch. It was a large salad but I managed to eat the whole thing because it was so good.

Lisajn 3 months ago


Their smoothies were amazing and always very fresh.

Nemec 4 months ago

Cafe Au Lait

Great taste, from Ohio and have not found anything like this amazing flavor. Need to get back and get some more to bring home.

Asd1496 4 months ago

The Twisted Turkey

This sandwich (among MANY other items) is amazing! Their avocado toast is also the best that I have ever had! Taste is my favorite place to hangout and get work done.

Chantal 4 months ago

E.T. Mocha

The E.T. Mocha is one of the best mochas I have ever had with such a distinct name. It has such a nice smooth taste and is so flavorful without being too chocolately or sweet. I always recommend popping into Taste when visiting East Aurora to try this mocha among their other delicious food and bakery items (ex: any of their cookies)

Chefcarozzi 4 months ago


Pork was so tender and juicy, the whole sandwich was expertly executed!

Monica 4 months ago

Monster Cookies

Super trendy bistro with friendly staff. Great cup of coffee, offering non dairy options too! My husband loves their chai latte and my son is a fan of their baked goods, especially the huge cookies! Fresh, high quality options that are always a treat during our walks in East Aurora.

Palldz13 4 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

Best latte I've had. I've had them everywhere, but the coffee drinks at Taste are the best. We go almost every day and the lattes and coffee are consistently delicious. The latte has just the right amount of caramel and milk foam. You won't be disappointed if you try it.

Sdee6 5 months ago

Smores Bar

My daughter and I loved trying your Grasshopper S'mores! The minty taste was fabulous over traditional s'mores. Such a fun idea and great that you have 12 different kinds to choose from.

Dutt6225 5 months ago

Stuffin' The Bird

I really enjoyed this holiday themed meal! The turkey was fresh, the stuffing was moist, and the cranberry mayo added just the right touch of sweetness! The mashed potatoes and corn bread on the side were great matches for this sandwich.

Alana 5 months ago

Chai Tea

Highly recommend everything on the menu. Their wraps are my favorite, their side salad with a wrap is the best! They have a great atmosphere as well. My favorite place in town!

Sherischu 5 months ago

The Wedgie

I was pleasantly surprised.. wanted to try something different... this is something I will definitely order again!


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