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Misenertyler 6 days ago

Tiramisu French Toast

Me and my girlfriend have been going to taste to do homework since the beginning of the year and i would get the smoothies which are as well amazing, but when i got the french toast (cinnamon or tiramisu) it was absolutely out of this world i now love going there multiple times a week to get it and it never gets old the chef charlie does an amazing job and seems to chsnge the appearance of it ip all the time which makes it so much fun! 👍👍👌

Ldmckellar 7 days ago

E.T. Mocha

My daughter gets this every time and loves that it has always been on the menu

Differentea66 8 days ago

Cinnamon French Toast

My boyfriend and I come all the time to do homework bc we love the atmosphere. It's perfect for getting work done and have an amazing meal. He ALWAYS gets the French toast and I will always steal a bite bc it is the best French toast ever!

Afdepaolo1 19 days ago

The Gardener's Grilled Cheese

This has been my favorite dish for years and I am so happy that it is back on the menu! I love how cheesy it is and the strong garlic flavor. Although I do wish there was an option to add avocado!

Bflatbaroness 27 days ago

Tiramisu French Toast

Awesome french toast. The tiramisu syrup is pretty unbelievable... Perfect for coffee lovers!

Elizabeth about 1 month ago

Cake (selection varies)

Hands down the best cheese cake around! Pb&j!? Cookies and cream! Absolutely delicious!!

Jaymmielbouton about 2 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

I absolutely love Taste! The staff is slways do friendly and helpful! I wanted a Carmel macchiato but healthier. The cashier was do sweet and kind. She said no problem. she told me that I wanted a skinny carmel infusion!!! I was so excited. It tasted absolutely delicious! I was surprised how amazing it was with less calories! I have been back to order it several times now. Thank you Taste!!!!🧡🧡🧡🧡

Rachael about 2 months ago


The best in their flavors lattes. Especially the Caramel infusion! Made perfect everytime. Also love their seasonal latte flavors

Amilyn about 2 months ago

Belgian Waffle

Love the Belgium waffles! Get one every time I go to Taste!

Shirley about 2 months ago

Lobster Cakes

I look forward to lobster fest each year. The lobster cakes are wonderful as well as the lobster roll, but I think the thing that brings me back is the relaxed atmosphere. I feel at home. This has been my favorite place since it was at the corner of Main and Pine. I am a long time lover of Taste.

Kdonohue1 about 2 months ago

Lobster Roll

One of the best lobster rolls we've ever had. The buttery roll is delicious and the l ok bster has just the right spice and mayo combo..oh..and I love the pickles..

Avogt814 2 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

These are my favorite! Delicious with the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor of espresso. The iced coffee is also the best I've ever had. Great atmosphere to meet with friends for lunch or to sip while you study.

Mikadurks 3 months ago

E.T. Mocha

Taste doesn't just have an organized system and reliable customer service, but they have incredible food and drinks. My favorite drink would be the E.T. Mocha. It's a drink that I can always depend on to make me in a refreshed and energized mood. It had the right amount of each ingredient needed. Taste's food selection is superb. One sandwich that I enjoy is the Sunrise Benedict. It's very filling and gives you a good source of energy to get through the day. I very much like the cafe itself as well. From the lighting, service, the paintings on the wall, and the menu boards which makes everything clear. I have recently made use of the door dash service and it was a very smooth experience. I very much enjoy every aspect of this cafe. The overall atmosphere is nothing but positive. Thank you for the incredible consistent service!! :)

Beckyboome 3 months ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

My family and I love Taste. Every time we come to East Aurora it is a treat. The vibe of the restaurant itself is very welcoming and makes you feel as though you are a part of the community. The food is top notch. We have our go-tos (Millard "Fill-Me-More"), however whenever we stray away or add a pastry item we are pleasantly surprised. We'll be coming here for years to come and highly recommend you stop by with family and friends.

Rachelgdenz 3 months ago

E.T. Mocha

I'm usually a black coffee drinker, but when I was pregnant, this drink hit the spot over and over! Love it!

Talty5 3 months ago

The Twisted Turkey

The Twisted Turkey is delicious. I would highly recommend. Never had a bad experience at Taste. Great food and drinks!

Margaretnkids 3 months ago

The M-O-O-O-G

Yummm!! Especially the horseradish mayo !!

Cc3588 3 months ago

Pie (selection varies)

Taste's cherry pie has the perfect combination between sourness and sweetness. The crust was amazing, crunchy but not burnt. The fruit and filling makes your mouth water with every bite. A true delicacy in the dessert world.

Jenadonnelly 4 months ago

Lobster Roll

I had the lobster roll and it was amazing. The bun was toasted and buttery, and the lobster was delicious! Light on the mayo/flavor so you can really taste the lobster. So delicious!

Sarcorey.77 4 months ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

I love this item. It is my favorite dish. I get this every time i go to taste

Kavanakr 6 days ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

The best and yummiest chicken salad I've ever had! My favorite on the menu, I love the wrap it comes in too! The walnuts and cranberries really make it flavorful. YUM!

Ldmckellar 7 days ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

Perfect combination of coffee and Carmel

Emiee77 17 days ago

The Vidler on the Roof

This wrap takes a simple combination of fresh vegetables, quality cheeses, and balsamic vinaigrette to make a lunch you will be craving days later!! This wrap seems plain compared to other menu items, but it proves to be a satisfying meal. Grilled to perfection, it will become your new go to.

Kate.Mosser 25 days ago

The Twisted Turkey

This sandwich was delicious!! The pretzel roll was great and the chipotle mayo added just the right amount of spice. Will definitely be ordering again.

Karinamay008 29 days ago


Love coming in to get Canolis with friends. Super good

J9mustang about 2 months ago

E.T. Mocha

I've been getting the iced E.T. mocha with whipped cream Forever!!! If you have'nt tried it at Taste...IT'S A MUST!!!❤#BESTSTAFFEVER!

Talty5 about 2 months ago

Chicken Quesadilla

Delicious! Definitely will order again.

Amilyn about 2 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

This is my favorite latte! Absolutely love it!!!

Bestmom5858 about 2 months ago

Lobster Cakes

My daughter and I often enjoy similar foods so we shared Taste Lobster Roll and Cakes paired with Blueberry beverage and wildflower lemonade Our dishes were well presented with ample servings. For the lobster roll we enjoyed the generous serving on the brioche roll excellent pairing! The cakes chunky and tender lightly crispy breading and fresh greens with a tasty light dressing once again made just right. Looking forward to our next food adventure at Taste

Dawn about 2 months ago

Soup of the Day

The Roasted red pepper and Gouda was amazing! It was creamy and had a bit of zing from the cheese. I also had a chai latte. Yum! I regularly drive from Buffalo to visit Taste.

Carlycross27 2 months ago

The Main Street Caesar

I've never had a better Caesar wrap anywhere. The perfect amount of greens and dressing with chicken layered in a delicious spinach wrap. Filling and provides a great serving of protein and vegetables.

Dustinsummersmith 2 months ago

The Cali Dreamer

Delicious and vegan friendly! Very fresh and eclectic textures.

Mia.Jordan 3 months ago

Lobster Roll

OMG, so good! We live in Niagara Falls and we're looking for a light lunch to enjoy. The Taste Bistro is well worth the drive. My boyfriend tried the Lobster Roll and Wildflower Lemonade, while I got the Cali-Dreamer. Everything, right down to the homemade pickles, was delicious and the atmosphere is excellent. Would certainly recommend trying a taste of The Taste Bistro.

Marla 3 months ago

Sunrise Benedict

Super tasty and filling! I will definitely be going back for another.

Billdenzpt 3 months ago

Cold Brew

Always the best cold brew!

Kristindorsey 3 months ago

Lobster Roll

The BEST lobster roll anywhere - including Maine. Lots and lots of lobster chunks; just the right amount of dressing and the brioche roll is an added bonus. And it's HUGE.

Anna.Czerniawski 3 months ago

Tea Latte

The London Fog Latte and the Cairo Storm Latte are my favorites! I am grateful to employee Megan for introducing me!

Cc3588 3 months ago

E.T. Mocha

Coming from a woman whose two favorite things are chocolate and coffee, this drink is a MUST HAVE every time I am in East Aurora. I don't know what it is that Taste does to make this so scrumptious, but they are the only place that never fails to get it right 100% of the time. If you're looking for consistency, Taste is the place to go.

Hoffmanlauren18 4 months ago

Frozen Mudslide

This was exact what I was hoping it would be! Something like a frozen coffee milkshake with the best whipped cream. Definitely something I crave often and treat myself with.


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