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Nemec 9 days ago

Cafe Au Lait

Great taste, from Ohio and have not found anything like this amazing flavor. Need to get back and get some more to bring home.

Asd1496 12 days ago

The Twisted Turkey

This sandwich (among MANY other items) is amazing! Their avocado toast is also the best that I have ever had! Taste is my favorite place to hangout and get work done.

Chantal 15 days ago

E.T. Mocha

The E.T. Mocha is one of the best mochas I have ever had with such a distinct name. It has such a nice smooth taste and is so flavorful without being too chocolately or sweet. I always recommend popping into Taste when visiting East Aurora to try this mocha among their other delicious food and bakery items (ex: any of their cookies)

Chefcarozzi 16 days ago


Pork was so tender and juicy, the whole sandwich was expertly executed!

Monica 17 days ago

Monster Cookies

Super trendy bistro with friendly staff. Great cup of coffee, offering non dairy options too! My husband loves their chai latte and my son is a fan of their baked goods, especially the huge cookies! Fresh, high quality options that are always a treat during our walks in East Aurora.

Palldz13 18 days ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

Best latte I've had. I've had them everywhere, but the coffee drinks at Taste are the best. We go almost every day and the lattes and coffee are consistently delicious. The latte has just the right amount of caramel and milk foam. You won't be disappointed if you try it.

Sdee6 22 days ago

Smores Bar

My daughter and I loved trying your Grasshopper S'mores! The minty taste was fabulous over traditional s'mores. Such a fun idea and great that you have 12 different kinds to choose from.

Dutt6225 28 days ago

Stuffin' The Bird

I really enjoyed this holiday themed meal! The turkey was fresh, the stuffing was moist, and the cranberry mayo added just the right touch of sweetness! The mashed potatoes and corn bread on the side were great matches for this sandwich.

Alana about 1 month ago

Chai Tea

Highly recommend everything on the menu. Their wraps are my favorite, their side salad with a wrap is the best! They have a great atmosphere as well. My favorite place in town!

Sherischu about 1 month ago

The Wedgie

I was pleasantly surprised.. wanted to try something different... this is something I will definitely order again!

Wmbateman about 2 months ago

The M-O-O-O-G

One of my favorite dishes to get at Taste! Great roast beef juicy and warm to perfection, and a great style choice with the European-Style bread! I'd highly recommend getting this if stumped on what to get for Lunch!

Rayfoxdesign about 2 months ago

The Cali Dreamer

Really good vegan option! I love coming here and wish there were more vegan things on the menu. This is it for now. But its an amazing hearty wrap.

Kavanakr 2 months ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

The best and yummiest chicken salad I've ever had! My favorite on the menu, I love the wrap it comes in too! The walnuts and cranberries really make it flavorful. YUM!

Ldmckellar 2 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

Perfect combination of coffee and Carmel

Emiee77 2 months ago

The Vidler on the Roof

This wrap takes a simple combination of fresh vegetables, quality cheeses, and balsamic vinaigrette to make a lunch you will be craving days later!! This wrap seems plain compared to other menu items, but it proves to be a satisfying meal. Grilled to perfection, it will become your new go to.

Kate 3 months ago

The Twisted Turkey

This sandwich was delicious!! The pretzel roll was great and the chipotle mayo added just the right amount of spice. Will definitely be ordering again.

Karinamay008 3 months ago


Love coming in to get Canolis with friends. Super good

J9mustang 3 months ago

E.T. Mocha

I've been getting the iced E.T. mocha with whipped cream Forever!!! If you have'nt tried it at Taste...IT'S A MUST!!!❤#BESTSTAFFEVER!

Talty5 3 months ago

Chicken Quesadilla

Delicious! Definitely will order again.

Amilyn 3 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

This is my favorite latte! Absolutely love it!!!

Bookoo 9 days ago

The Millard "Fill-Me-More"

Best chicken salad ever!! I will definitely order this again. Cranberries and walnuts are wonderful. Cookies are pretty amazing also🤗

Fleigler 15 days ago

Chai Tea

Love the Chai tea!! I get it cold in the summer and hot in the winter! Love that you have several great tasting vegetarian items on your menu. The Cali Dreamer is a very fresh wrap with just the right kick of heat. The gardener's grill is a stepped up adult grilled cheese that doesn't disappoint. Don't forget to end with dessert, the oatmeal monster cookie is fantastic.

Kiarabutler012 16 days ago

The Cali Dreamer

Began-friendly! It's the perfect mix of veggies, hummus, and spice - my favorite go-to menu item!!

Monica 17 days ago

Cafe Au Lait

Best part of waking up....their coffee! Love the vegan options too. Great, convenient place to grab a quick cup of coffee or a place to meet friends for brunch. Funky little gem in east aurora!

Karen 18 days ago

Smores Bar

Name me a more perfect, cozy dessert to share with your family than the Smores Bar at Taste. Can't do it, can ya? While you may think s'mores are reserved for a summer evening around the fire, Taste makes our favorite treat available year-round and we couldn't be happier. Their presentation sends the share-ability of this dessert through the roof and the ooey-gooeyness of the marshmallow puts an instant smile on your face. Our kids giggled with delight at being able to reunite with their favorite summertime treat while sitting inside on a cozy winter afternoon. We'd give you a standing ovation but our hands are a little sticky ;-)

Brandonmurray03 22 days ago

E.T. Mocha

I've been coming to taste for several years. One of the reasons I continue to be a loyal customer is because of this drink. Order it cold or hot and it's delicious and satisfying!

Nkelly1754 24 days ago

The Main Street Caesar

There are some Caesar salad dishes that are vapid and bland, this one excites and is a taste bud sensation! This one bring you back for more!

Evafisher13 about 1 month ago


This is my favorite drink! Taste is a great local coffee shop and east Aurora is lucky to have it.

Deanna about 1 month ago

Soup of the Day

Roasted Red Pepper Soup is the best

Liz about 1 month ago

E.T. Mocha

I've been addicted to the E.T. Mocha since I was a regular at the (now closed) Orchard Park location back in . . . 2002? It's still the same and still so good. Don't ever change!

Naker about 2 months ago

The Main Street Caesar


Misenertyler 2 months ago

Tiramisu French Toast

Me and my girlfriend have been going to taste to do homework since the beginning of the year and i would get the smoothies which are as well amazing, but when i got the french toast (cinnamon or tiramisu) it was absolutely out of this world i now love going there multiple times a week to get it and it never gets old the chef charlie does an amazing job and seems to chsnge the appearance of it ip all the time which makes it so much fun! 👍👍👌

Ldmckellar 2 months ago

E.T. Mocha

My daughter gets this every time and loves that it has always been on the menu

Differentea66 2 months ago

Cinnamon French Toast

My boyfriend and I come all the time to do homework bc we love the atmosphere. It's perfect for getting work done and have an amazing meal. He ALWAYS gets the French toast and I will always steal a bite bc it is the best French toast ever!

Afdepaolo1 2 months ago

The Gardener's Grilled Cheese

This has been my favorite dish for years and I am so happy that it is back on the menu! I love how cheesy it is and the strong garlic flavor. Although I do wish there was an option to add avocado!

Bflatbaroness 3 months ago

Tiramisu French Toast

Awesome french toast. The tiramisu syrup is pretty unbelievable... Perfect for coffee lovers!

Elizabeth 3 months ago

Cake (selection varies)

Hands down the best cheese cake around! Pb&j!? Cookies and cream! Absolutely delicious!!

Jaymmielbouton 3 months ago

Caramel Infusion Latte

I absolutely love Taste! The staff is slways do friendly and helpful! I wanted a Carmel macchiato but healthier. The cashier was do sweet and kind. She said no problem. she told me that I wanted a skinny carmel infusion!!! I was so excited. It tasted absolutely delicious! I was surprised how amazing it was with less calories! I have been back to order it several times now. Thank you Taste!!!!🧡🧡🧡🧡

Rachael 3 months ago


The best in their flavors lattes. Especially the Caramel infusion! Made perfect everytime. Also love their seasonal latte flavors

Amilyn 3 months ago

Belgian Waffle

Love the Belgium waffles! Get one every time I go to Taste!


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