When Taste first opened in the early 1990's, we ordered our coffee from a fledgling coffee roaster in Ohio named Caruso's Coffee. As the relationship grew, Caruso's worked with Taste to develop their exclusive Aurora blend – which is ground and brewed in store daily. Almost 3 decades later, Caruso still supplies Taste with their supply of fresh roasted coffee beans. All beans are roasted upon order and shipped within 24 hours of roasting to ensure we always have the freshest beans available for our customers. In fact, Taste is currently the longest tenured customer of Caruso's Coffee.

Today, Caruso's is a little larger and now offers well over 100 different coffee's from single origin, espresso, fair trade organic, and flavored. To top it off, all of these options can be purchased here at Taste. We place orders weekly and most orders placed by Sunday at 9pm will arrive by Wednesday of that week (a few select varieties may take longer).

Almost all coffees are available in both regular and decaf and can be purchased in 1 pound bags. When you pick up your order, Taste will grind the coffee as course or as fine as you prefer ensuring the freshest, best tasting coffee. You may order in store or by clinking the link below.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to set your pick-up date as the same date you are placing the order so we receive the order immediately. The date you pick is the date we receive the order so picking a future date will delay your order. We place coffee orders every Monday morning as we usually receive the order on Wednesday.

Straight Coffee

Custom Blends
Awaken Blend - Light full city
Buckeye Blend - Full city, mild flavor
Corner Bistro - Full city, 30% dark
Donut Shop - Full city, smooth
Jamaican Blend - Full city, mild and floral
Kona Blend - Full city, sweet with citrus
Legacy - Full city, 25% dark roast
Mocha Java - Low acid and earthy
Reflections - Complex 3 roasts, 60% dark
Remembered - Medium, full city, smooth
Serengti - Medium, all African, winey
Veritas - Unique dark roast, bold

Single Estate & Rare Origins
Brazil Bourbon - Light full city, fruity, rich
Jamaican Blue Mountain - Medium full city, floral
Kona Extra Fancy - Medium full city, sweet
La Minita Costa Rican - Medium full city, fruity

Single Origin - Central & South America
Brazil Santos - Light full city, nutty
Colombian Supremo - Medium full city, smooth, citrus
Costa Rican Tarrazu - Medium full city, floral, balanced
Guatemalan Antigua - Medium full city, fruity, chocolate
Guatemalan Huehuetenango - Full city, fruity, floral, earthy
Mexican Custapec - Full city, red fruit, sweet, nutty
Nicaraguan Strictly High Grown - Medium full city, citrus, floral
Panama Bouquette - Full city, tangy rich cocoa

Single Origin - African
Ethiopian Harrar - Full city, blueberry
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Full city, lemon zest
Kenya AA - Full city, red fruit and cocoa
Tanzanian Peaberry - Full city, tangy, lemon, fruity

Single Origin - Indonesian
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Light full city, low acid, earthy
Java Estate - Full city, winey, chocolate

Dark Coffee
Viennese Roast - Lightest dark, slightly smokey
French Roast - Medium dark, smokey, bold
Colombian Viennese - Lightest dark, smooth, hint of smoke
Indian Monsoon French - Medium dark, chocolate, low acid
Sumatra Viennese - Lightest dark, earthy, sweet

Flavored Coffee

We have over 70 different flavors to enchant your taste buds. From favorites like Hazelnut and French Vanilla to more obscure flavors such as Cheesecake, Hylander Grogg, and Strudel... we have something for every palate.

Almond Windmill - sweet almond topnote with a graham cracker background
Banana Nut - The flavors and scents of warm, freshly baked banana nut bread
Bananas Foster - A wonderful combination of bananas, brandy, and cinnamon
Blueberry Cinnamon Crum - A fresh blueberry pie flavor with a warm cinnamon background
Butter Pecan - Distinctive Southern flavors of rich butter, vanilla, and roasted pecans
Butter Rum - Flavor extracts of rich, dark rum and creamy butter that result in a decadent treat
Campfire Delight - Blend with chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker
Cappuccino - A blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and cream
Caramel Apple - A wonderful Fall treat that tastes just like a caramel apple
Caramel Nut Fudge - Combination of caramel, chocolate, and nuts
Cheesecake - Just like the dessert, a creamy luscious flavor
Cherries Jubilee - Cherries, cherries, and more cherries
Cherry Amaretto - A delightful blend of cherries and almond flavor with a light nutty background
Cherry Chocolate
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Coconut
Chocolate Hazelnut - A decadent blend of rich, sweet chocolate blended with a classic hazelnut flavor
Chocolate Irish Crème - a taste of the Emerald Isle is every cup
Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Marshmallow
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Raspberry - Ripe, red raspberries with a creamy chocolate finish
Chocolate Turtle
Cinnamon - The snappy taste of cinnamon in every cup
Cinnamon Crumble
Cinn-A-Nut - An exotic blend of cinnamon and hazelnut with a hint of vanilla cream
Coconut - A flavor of the tropics resulting in a decadent treat
Cookies-N-Crème - Dark chocolate cookie with lots of sweet crème
Cranberry Brulee - Decadent Crème Brulee enhanced with the rich flavor of cranberries
Dutch Chocolate Fudge
Egg Nog - Rich flavors of nutmeg, cream and a dash of cinnamon
English Toffee - A lightly spiced cream caramel flavor with rummy notes
French Apple Crumb - The flavors of baked apples with warm cinnamon and vanilla
French Vanilla - All time classic with a wonderful creamy flavor with a dash of spice and caramelized background
Gingersnap - A holiday classic with warm spices
Grandma Cinnabun - Decadent treat of toasted pecans, vanilla, and cinnamon
Hawaiian Choc. Nut - A tropical blend of coconut, chocolate, and macadamia nuts
Hazelnut - A true classic - a wonderful combination of hazelnut and coffee
Hylander Crème - Butterscotch, rum, and vanilla
Hylander Grogg - Butter, rum, caramel nut
Irish Crème - tastes like Baileys Irish crème liquor
Jam' Me Crazy - Kahlua, vanilla, and caramel
Jazzy Java - Kahlua, vanilla, and nuts
Macadamia Nut - Coffee that tastes like the exotic nut that is is
Maple Crème
Mexican Liquor - Like the chocolate/coffee liquor
Nutty Irishman - Hazlenut and Irish Crème
Peanut Butter Cup - A decadent treat of creamy chocolate and peanut butter
Pecan Praline - Toasted pecans are wrapped in a decadent mixture of cream and caramelized sugar
Pumpkin Brulee - Traditional holiday pie taste with a creamy custard top note
Pumpkin Spice - A warm blend of spice and pumpkin pie
Raspberry Crème - Rish raspberry flavor with a hint of vanilla
Red, White, & Blue - Raspberry, Blueberry, and White Chocolate
Seville Orange - Coffee with the taste of sweep ripe oranges, coffee, and orange juice in one lively cup
Sinful Delight - Butterscotch, chocolate, and coconut
Snickerdoodle - A snappy decadent treat of vanilla and cinnamon
Southern Pecan - The taste of roasted Georgia pecans in every cup
Sticky Bun - Distinctive aroma and flavors of creamy pecan and a hint of caramel
Strudel - Creamy vanilla with cinnamon nut just like Grandma's
Sugar Cookie - The aroma and flavors of buttery sugar cookies
Tiramisu - Classic flavors of espresso, ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and rum extracts
Toasted Almond
Toasted Chestnut - A decadent treat of warm chestnuts roasting on the fire
Traverse City Cherry - The distinctive aroma and flavor of the Bing cherry of Northern Michigan
Vanilla Almond
Vanilla Nut - A rich vanilla flavor with a nutty background
White Chocolate
White Mocha Mint - A decadent treat of white chocolate with creamy mint

Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Coffee

Fair Trade ensures that family farmers receive a fair price for their top-quality products. This allows millions of people around the world to stay on their land, put food on the table, and keep kids in school. Fair Trade farmers are also careful stewards of the environment. With Fair Trade Certified you know that what you're buying is naturally delicious and is grown with respect for the earth. Your taste buds - and the farmers - will thank you. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label.

Legitimate organic coffee has "field to fork" traceability. This means the roaster can track from the specific lot of green coffee to the finished product sold to the consumer the organic integrity of the product. Caruso's roasting facility is inspected at least once annually by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), to ensure our coffees are roasted, packaged, and labeled in compliance with organic standards. Our organic coffees meet USDA organic standards as outlined by the National Organic Program (NOP).

FTO Bolivian
FTO Colombian
FTO Costa Rican
FTO Guatemalan
FTO Mexican
FTO Nicaraguan
FTO Papau New Guinea
FTO Peru
FTO Sumatra Mandehling
DECAF - FTO Mexican


Café Bella - Blonde espresso
Café Volare - Sweet and mild - Best Seller
Daterra Espresso - Single Origin Blonde
Café Concierto - Medium/Full, Bold
Café Italiano - European Style, Very Bold
Café Medici - Very rich, all dark roast